If you had to give the top five answers of what Bowman & Company partners and staff were doing at lunch on April 1, 2016, you would probably guess:

  1. Working through lunch, and dinner, and the whole night through . . .
  2. Not sleeping . . .
  3. Eating at their desks . . .
  4. Missing their families and
  5. Going crazy!!

But you would be wrong!!  If you said playing fun games in the parking lot of the office at lunchtime, then you would be awarded 100 points for the number one and only correct answer!!!


This year’s annual “Fun Friday” was an amplified version of Family Feud.  The entire office broke up into several teams of six and moved from station to station trying to guess the top answers to “surveys”.  Teams had to guess the top answers to questions such as “Name something that could happen if you don’t pay the IRS”, to “”Besides people, name something you’d try to save if your house was on fire”.


Fun Friday has become a much anticipated tradition at Bowman & Company, designed to take us out of brain-drain tax zone for an hour and into a world of friendly competition and downright silliness.  This year marks our 11th Fun Friday!!  Other annual competitions have included going to local stores (i.e., Target, Lowes, etc.) and using them as a backdrop to create a home-grown movie on smart phones, making and launching rocket ships, Survivor – Bowman-style, and in 2013 we had a tournament of children’s games, showing off masterful skills in games such as Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Operation, and Hungry Hungry Hippos.  Fun Friday also includes a spectacular lunch.


The winning team this year consisted of Family Feud Wizards (from L to R):  Nolan, Tobbie, Ryan, Lisa, Julie and Dana!