Fun Friday 2017!

The Bowman & Company tradition of Fun Friday 2017 was celebrated on April 7.  The theme for this year’s festivities, a child’s birthday party, was inspired by the recent birth of Cedric to  Shin (Sr. Accountant)  and Jerry Liu. The games had to be moved inside due to weather, but enthusiasm for the yearly event was definitely not dampened by the weather.

The first activity was creating a birthday card for Cedric. Staff taped, stickered and colored in order to produce the most creative card in the through the first activity.0I7A0118

Next up were the competitions: a classic game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey and a yo-yo contest.  A cadre of judges made sure blindfolds were on and that contestants were appropriately spun around (translate completely dizzy) before pointing them toward the donkey.  Should you ever need an accountant with yo-yo skills, you can be assured Bowman has them!

Dan Phelps shows us all how to pin the tail on the donkey.

What would a party be without entertainment? Bowman spared no expense to supply employees to deliver jokes, play air guitar and a put on a dancing exhibition.  Team Blue had some awesome dance moves!

Team Blue had some awesome dance moves!

While the judges debated scores for each team, a lunch from Chick-fil-A was enjoyed by all. When the points were tallied (and all the penalty points deducted) the “official” winner was declared to be the Team Yellow, consisting of Yoni, Colleen, Dan, Susan and Nick.

Team Yellow were declared the "winners" of Fun Friday 2017.

This 13th year of competition brought a well-deserved and much appreciated break to the staff who are all back in their offices focusing on getting to this year’s tax deadline. Pretty sure we heard “wait til next year!” as everyone headed back to work after a very Fun Friday!

Selfie time!

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